Viru district

Viru district

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‘Viru’ home daughters are recognized by their mascot Karu Lii. The mascot is present at any event, be it a big camp, a regional division camp or a group meeting. Our slogan is “Let’s keep together”. We are ever-busy young people who go to competitions, engage in singing, playing instruments, crafts and hiking. We cooperate with rural municipalities. We help orphanages by organizing memorable camps for them.

What does being a home daughter give me?

Being a home daughter gives me a lot. For example, I find new friends there. This organization gives me experience. Thanks to ‘Ernake’, I can imagine what a real war is like. I can imagine what the retaliation will look like. Now I know what it means to have cooperation and true friends who help and support me. Home daughters for me are girls who love Estonia and remain faithful to their homeland until death. Girls who always help.

Olga, home daughter