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Tartu district

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In our Tartu division, we have been participating in the garbage collection campaign “Let’s do it” since its launch, and, in the spring of 2015, it was already for 8 years. Since this campaign always takes place at the first weekend of May and our traditional spring camp as well, it is useful to combine two good things – nature gets clean and children get smart. We believe that young people who have once cleaned their rubbish out of the woods themselves will never behave so cruelly to nature again, and nature and the local people around Kabina quarry will thank us too. As there are many children in the camp, a small contribution from everyone is enough to do a massively good deed. To make things even more interesting for young people, an exhibition of the most exciting findings takes place every year.

“Every second fall, the school of home daughters’ group leaders starts, the aim of which is to give the participants knowledge, skills and courage to act as group leaders. The course is equally important and balanced in both theoretical and practical learning. The course is built on the principle that young people first gather theoretical knowledge from different leaders and trainers in different fields and then gradually put it into practice. The most extensive task of the course and the final practice is to organize a traditional spring camp and try out the position of a group leader.

In each Christmas camp in December, we choose the best home daughter of the past year. The election takes place in a competition, where candidates have to perform various practical tasks and show themselves in every way as a worthy home daughter. Apart from to the on-site assignments, the jury will also consider the activities and contributions of the candidate throughout the time in organization. Getting the title of Home Daughter of the Year is a real honour and such a title is a great pride for every girl. The home daughter is a role model for everyone else.

What does being a home daughter give me?

To be a youth leader, you must be active and courageous and full of perseverance. I believe that I have these qualities and as a youth leader I am able to use them purposefully. It is especially important that I develop myself. Young people are active, honest and eager to have a stint. Collaborating with them, I try to be there for everyone and notice everyone. With the right guidance and support, home daughters grow into fine and enterprising people.

Being needed by someone and helping without retaliation makes you feel especially good. After a long hike or busy camp days, it’s great to get a warm hug from the little home daughters, getting thanks from the bottom of their hearts for helping and being with them. Small moments of joy grow bigger by the end of the day. These pleasant emotions and a lot of nice people around me keep me there.

Liisbet, youth instructor