Tallinna district

Tallinna district

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On February 22, 1992, the first home daughters of the Tallinn division were admitted. It is the anniversary of the Republic when new members are admitted today (in addition to the anniversary of the Defence League in November).

The Tallinn division of home daughters is a very diverse circle of friends. It includes girls who enjoy doing crafts, sports, art, shoot a gun, dance, play memory games, and so on. No activity is overshadowed here, and everyone finds their activity, and if they don’t, they may suggest something, and we do new and exciting things we have not tried before.

There are very few groups considering the number of Tallinn residents, but the groups are active. All group chiefs are devoted, and every home daughter is like their own child. Another peculiarity of the Tallinn division is that frequently the girls of Tallinn have to represent the entire organization in honour and flag guards.

What does being a home daughter give me?

I like to do good to other people and animals. As a home daughter, I can do more good deeds. I have learned a lot in the organization. Now I can organize events for schools myself. I conducted medical training and organized hiking games where I apply the knowledge and skills of home daughters. As a member of the organization, I also visited museums and attended events I would not otherwise have gone to and took part in great competitions. So: when I’m a home daughter, I can do a lot more exciting things.

Vivian, home daughter