Sakala district

Sakala district

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The peculiarity of our division lies in certain qualities of the local folk of ‘mulgi’, including a positive attitude towards life, selfless work and people-to-people cohesion. ‘Sakala’ division is the oldest division where former home daughters have their role to play. Traditional events are the Battle of Kärstna, the Laidoner’s Trail, the City Game and the squad camps.

What does being a home daughter give me?

I have been a home daughter for seven years. Above all, it gave me the opportunity to go to camps with nice companions. I am constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge in the organization. That’s why I can cope even when I’m home alone or when I’m lost in the woods. I can give first aid to a friend, I am bolder, more open and friendlier than before and I can look at life with open eyes.

Maarja-Liis, home daughter