Saaremaa district

Saaremaa district

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Our regional division has many traditions that have become the favourites of young people: Own Creation Day, Squadron Camp, Leevi Camps, Board Games Day, Group Reporting Day, School Olympics of Home Daughters, ‘Vesse’ Hiking Game. We have published three works “In Word and Picture”, which gives an overview of the activities of Saaremaa home daughters by years.

What does being a home daughter give me?

Over years of my working, more than 70 girls have gone through the group. Being a mentor of home daughters gave me a variety of opportunities to give a try, new and exciting experiences, and lots of nice people around me. During these years, I certainly had a great opportunity to get to know girls of different ages and to be an example and inspiration to them. It is the great achievements of the girls that give me the strength and will to wend my way.

Working with home daughters is interesting, diverse, challenging and responsible, sometimes easy and fun. Once you’ve stepped on that bike, it’s not easy to get off.  So, I am always ready to overcome difficulties.

Madli, youth instructor