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Rapla district

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Rapla has several features. In the first place, we have ‘Mini-Põrgupõhja’, which started from the Rapla Defence Allies ‘Põrgupõhja’ competition trip. The trip is dedicated to RVL (Armed Combat Union) fighters and other forest brothers who did not surrender to foreign power. ‘Mini-Põrgupõhja’ will take place 11 times in 2015.

Another special feature is the choice of the home daughter and the young eagle of the year – every spring, the best boy and girl of the year are chosen within the framework of the spring camp. Not only stage skills and creativity are taken into account, but also the work done during the year and the ranks learned, as well as behaviour. In 2015, the best daughters and eagles were chosen for the 21st time.

What does being a home daughter give me?

In 1996, my daughter Reet attended the summer days of the Defence League, where she met the former regional division elder Katrin Talu, who told her about the home daughters and their activities. Reed liked what she heard. In the fall, after the first camp, it was clear that the girls wanted to become home daughters, but they needed an adult leader. I didn’t have the heart to ignore the wish of the girls anymore, so I had to take on the job. We met once a week, researched and learned with girls how to be a home daughter, participated in county events. A year after, we already invited new members to join. This is how it went: the children of the first girls are already starting to reach the age of home daughters, and I constantly have a small group to instruct and teach.

The work of a youth leader has given me a pleasant company and a diverse life, as well as many exciting challenges. Continuous self-improvement is the only conceivable way to work with young people. With only 24 hours a day, you inevitably have to make choices because not everything will work out. However, my motto is: “If there is interest, there is time”.

Rita, youth instructor