Põlva district

Põlva district

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Historically, during the first Republic of Estonia, the home daughters of the current Põlva region belonged to the Võrumaa squad. The Põlva division started its activities in 1992 next to the Leevi Young Eagles group. The initiators were the Defence Allies, and the participant was Rein Raadla, the director of Leevi Basic School. Urmas Kukk, a local defence ally, became the first leader.

Leevi Home Daughters made a vow on May 19, 1993. In the same year, groups were formed in Põlva, Räpina and Kanepi. The formation of the Levi group apparently was quite successful as Leevi had a strong, unanimous and numerous group of defence allies at that time. The children of the Defence Allies were especially active participants. The activities offered to the whole group were new at that time: camps, trips, first aid trainings, karate training, gatherings, shooting, etc.

Põlva division was officially registered in March 1994. Today, the preservation of the local cultural heritage can be considered a special feature of our division. The strength of the division is surely singing and playing the instrument. No camp passes without singing. 

What does being a home daughter give me?

It is a pleasure to be a home daughter. You can take part in great and interesting events: gatherings, study days, camps, competitions, excursions and hikes. I gain new knowledge and skills and interesting experiences. As a home daughter, I make a lot of new friends and often meet old acquaintances. I can help those in need.

– Põlva home daughters