Lääne district

Lääne district

Contacts and members


The Lääne Home Daughters regional division is the only sub-division that consists of two counties: Lääne County and Hiiu County. A separate division has been formed on Hiiumaa.

Home Daughters in Lääne county

In Lääne county home daughters and young eagles collaborate.

Traditional events:
  • Home Daughters’ anniversary
  • Young Eagles’ anniversary
  • Tartu Peace
  • Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia with thanksgiving party
  • Ranking tests study days
  • Sports camp
  • Summer camp
  • Badger’s hike (for younger participants)
  • Eagle’s hike (for older participants)
  • Group camps
Involvement of youth

In recent years, we have tried to involve young people in the training. Many young people are looking forward to the time when they can join the ranks of organizers themselves. Since 2017, we have had a round table of young people who call themselves ’Kärajad’. The task of the Kärajad is to organize a mountain trip for younger people. The team of Kärajad is led by the former home daughter Maris Esko.

How we differ from other divsions?

We are different from others due to our summer camps. And this is precisely because we have been making camps ‘in style’ since 2006. Through such camps, it is best to teach the youth the history of Estonia, the cultures of other nations, and so on. In these camps, we make sure that the clothes correspond to the era, that the food and activities are appropriate.

There is always nightly excitement in our camps: a night torchlight hike in mocking darkness and grave silence, meeting the old evil at the crossroads at midnight and giving up three drops of blood, night baptisms in a dark cellar, visiting a shaman and performing rituals.

We dare say that we have infected other squads to make such camps. This is how the gypsy camp and the Viking camp travelled from us.

What does being a home daughter give me?

In 2004, my elder sister took me to a home daughters sports camp. I clearly remember the anxiety that accompanied the pre-camp period, because when I was little, I used to be very modest and shy. Going to camps helped my independence and courage grow, there was no mother or father to hope for. Team tasks taught me to consider others, and I have understood that it is in cooperation that the desired result is achieved. Participating in the activities of home daughters has injected patriotism into me, I can appreciate Estonia, being Estonian and the history of my people. I am sure that my future is related to this organization, I want to help other younger people discover the charms of home daughters’ lives.


Imbi, home daughter