Järva district

Järva district

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We consider it our peculiarity that the Järva division of the Home Daughters is a happy, active and cohesive bunch. Through jokes and laughter and mutually supportive cooperation, we can cope with any difficult task. How to achieve this?


  • Take 15-20 youth leaders, mix them with a suitable number of members of the Women’s Home Protection and Defence League
  • Spice them in a competitive style with whoever
  • Season with the partners support and good ideas
  • Finish with a youth instructor who is convinced that SUMMER NIGHTS ARE NOT FOR SLEEPING!

NB! It is of utmost importance to avoid retaliation!

Traditional events: Celebration of the Home Daughters’ anniversary, J. Pitka folk trip, KEAT camp and night adventure, special camps in spring and autumn, school of group and team chiefs, reconnaissance trip, Defence Forces walk on National Defence Day, summer camp, photo hunt, group camps, celebration of anniversaries and memorial days important to the Estonian state, Motivation event for a volunteer youth leader.

What does being a home daughter give me?

When my former class teacher Siiri Sitska invited me to become a volunteer leader for home daughters in 2005, I confidently responded that this was not for me. I had a preconceived notion that home daughters are just some boring characters who cook, learn crafts and the art of being a good hostess. Fortunately, other youth leaders still dragged me to this organization. In half a year, I discovered a completely different kind of world. A world where children have the opportunity to go on an adventure, where there are youth leaders who probably never sleep, but still look good, and where men are ready to dance tape dance, be it in white Swedish lingerie. The years I have spent with home daughters gave me a number of friends, small and big, to rely on and get help from when needed. I gained more laughter and fun in my life and a lot of new experiences and skills that I don’t think I could take anywhere else.

Evelin Puntso, Youth instructor