Hiiumaa department

Hiiumaa department

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The special feature of our divisions is the cooperation with young eagles. Most of the study days, hiking games and camps take place with young men in different places in Hiiumaa. Our diverse activities take place in any season and in any weather. We involve all young people and adults interested in the activities of our organizations. We work with youth centres and other organizations that support youth activities. We receive assistance from women’s home defenders and defence allies in carrying out our activities. Parents are always welcome to take action, help and why not learn.

What does being a home daughter give me?

I joined the organization likewise my elder sister, she is also a home daughter. She told only good things about the home daughters and that being a home daughter is a great advantage. I started as a home daughter because it seemed interesting. I have the opportunity to attend important events, such as the Victory Day parade. I also like hiking and air gun shooting. In camps I gain new knowledge. I started as a home daughter because it was my will and I like the light blue uniform blouse. As a home daughter, I get along with younger children better and they trust me more than before. I like it very much because dealing with younger home daughters is cool and exciting.

Merit, home daughter