Harju district

Harju district

Contacts and members

Krista Allik
Inga Koitla


The key word of Harju regional division could be “ACTING TOGETHER AND GROWING TOGETHER”. We are most happy to work with the Young Eagles and we are always on the same wave. Our special feature is that we are located in a large area in Harju County, for example, the distance between Turba and Loksa is 140 km.

Traditional events where all young people in the county can participate are the Harju reconnaissance trip, a hiking game, spring, summer and autumn camps and a winter day.

What does being a home daughter give me?

In my opinion, becoming a home daughter has been the best thing that has happened to me. I found many new acquaintances and even best friends at the events of the Defence League girls’ organization. Besides, I got super experiences there. Events are always so cool, exciting and enjoyable, because everyone is friendly and nice, no matter if it’s a nationwide or local event.

It’s great to hike, run and learn together. Being a home daughter gives me a lot. As a result, I am much more responsible, smarter, more skilled. Life is more exciting and more fun. If I weren’t a home daughter, I probably wouldn’t have anything to do, and I certainly wouldn’t be so brave and resilient. I’m happy to be a home daughter. What makes me especially happy is that we also contribute to the protection of Estonia and we are always ready for that.

– Liina, kodutütar