Alutaguse district

Alutaguse district

Contacts and members

Tiina Normak
Vladislav Eglet
Laine Tops


In the early 1990s, the re-establishment of the Home Daughters’ regional division in Alutaguse was given impetus by the re-establishment of the Defence League’s Alutaguse Squad, the Women’s Home Defence division and the Young Eagles Squad. What makes Alutaguse district special is its location in the middle of large forests in North-Eastern Estonia: there are many young people of other nationalities and native speakers, who still actively participate in events and are interested in belonging to an Estonian organization, learning a lot about cultural customs, language and traditions through joint action.

During the long years of operation, we have developed a number of traditional events: the celebration of the Home Daughters’ Anniversary, on February 24 we are bravely with the Defence Allies in a memory guard, we participate in a children’s race in honour of General Tõnisson, we practice diligently for the Victory Day parade and later proudly parade. In recent years, we have been able to have a say in the youth work of both the municipality and the county: we are invited to introduce the organization to the county family fair, the games festival and Father’s Day events. In this way, even those who do not know much about the activities of home daughters can get to know us. Our uniforms and peak caps can be remembered. We end the year by eating gingerbread and summarizing.

What does being a home daughter give me?

I  have made many new and interesting friends and acquaintances all over Estonia. I can do better and have acquired a lot of useful knowledge and skills that helped me a lot in my life. For example, I am no longer lost in the woods and I try to set an example for others by my behavior, following the laws and customs of the home daughters. I spend my free time usefully not hanging somewhere in a mall. Our cute hats also create a sense of comradery.

– Kristine-Hermine, kodutütar