Insignia and uniforms

Insignia and uniforms

Insignia of the Kodutütred

The insignia of the Kodutütred organization are the eagle badge, the cloverleaf, the general flag and flags of the regional divisions, the form, the seal and the membership card. The hallmark of the organization is the eagle badge. The eagle badge can be seen, for example, on the headgear and sleeve emblem of the uniform.

Uniform of the Kodutütred

In addition, Kodutütred are recognizable by their uniform. Kodutütred use two uniforms: the festive uniform of the Kodutütred and the outdoor uniform of the youth organizations of the Defence League. Youth leaders also use a festive uniform that is different from the young eagle’s formal uniform and a field uniform that is the same for both.

The festive uniform of the Kodutütred indicates the member’s affiliation with the unit, rank, position and the awards given to him or her. The festive uniform consists of a blue-grey long-sleeved blouse, a uniform hat, a yellow scarf, a black skirt, a waist-bag, black shoes and skin-coloured tights.

The festive uniform of the Kodutütred youth leader consists of a dark blue jacket and skirt, a white blouse, black shoes and skin-coloured tights.

The field uniform is the same for the members of the youth organizations of the Defence League. Uniform shall be worn when participating in the activities of a youth organization of the Defence League together with the prescribed insignia. The field uniform consists of a dark green field jacket, jacket, windbreaker, trousers, peak cap and black boots and a winter hat. In addition, the name tag, sleeve emblems and the position stars are worn on the field form.

Rank insignia

The rank insignia of a member of the Kodutütred structural unit on the uniform hat is a metal eagle mark. The eagle mark depicts an upright eagle in a defensive position, holding the symbol of a scout with one leg – a lily flower with the image of the national coat of arms in the middle and with the other leg – a ribbon with the text “Always ready!”.

Depending on the uniform, the members of the Kodutütred organisation wear an emblem on the left sleeve, which indicates the organizational and regional affiliation.

The dots above the right breast pocket of the festive uniform show the completion of the Kodutütred curriculum, or test ranks. One rank indicates the VI, or the lowest rank, and the six ranks indicate the highest, or I rank.

As a position insignia, members shall wear relevant position stars on their festive uniform. The star represents a metallic hexagonal star with the image of the national coat of arms in the centre. A distinction is made between large and small star of leader, the stars are metallic on the festive uniform and gold embroidery on the green background on the field uniform.

The professional skills of the Kodutütred are shown by the special test marks on the right cuff of the festive uniform, which can be six on the uniform at a time. The most popular specialties are hiker, shooter, singer and medic.

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